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The importance of neighborhood while buying a new house


  • Know your locality and neighborhood in detail.

  • Other various aspects you should know.

General Thursday, 14th July 2016

If you are planning to relocate or you are planning to purchase a new house, then there are number of things which you must have planned till now.  There is one thing which most of us tend to ignore at the beginning but the later consequences of it are no less than a nightmare. I am not referring to the kind of home, painting color, furniture or antiques, though these are the common things which come into the mind of a person while looking to purchase a house.

The most important thing is to consider the neighborhood where you are planning to relocate with your family. 

There are a number of things which should be considered while looking at the neighborhood of an area. The first and the foremost aspect of it is the kind of area you are planning to move. There are some areas which are famous for their notoriety, crimes and thefts, it is always recommended to assess this first aspect in the very beginning so that you don’t end up landing yourself in a danger zone where you can be looted easily.

This is the reason why the first thing which you check is the crime rate in the area where you are planning to move. You can easily do this by researching online, all the details of most of the areas are there and it is also recommended to refer to the police to know about the crime rates of that particular areas.

Apart from the crime rate, there are various aspects which you should look at before you plan to move to any particular area, let us have a look at some of them: 
Traffic and Noise: Nobody wants to live in an area where the honking sounds always keep ringing in the ears. By living in such an area you will not only be exposed to the pollution which is caused by the vehicles, you will also feel uncomfortable by the noises which will keep ringing in your ears. Thus, make sure that your new house should be away from the main road.
Hospitals and Schools: As emergencies can occur at any time of the day, thus it is very necessary to ensure that the place where you are planning to move is near to a hospital. It is recommended that a house at least have a hospital within three kilometer of it. Apart from the hospital, schools should be also near to your area as it becomes a challenging task for little kids to travel long distances. 
Market: As one has to go to market every now and then, thus it is very necessary to ensure that the market place should be near to your place so that you can easily go there whenever required. Market at faraway places can be very inconvenient, thus make sure that it is near to your place. 
These are the most important points which a person should consider while looking to buy a new house.