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Tips to Make Your Home Look Big
Interior Designing Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling…”    
This saying is true for those who love to stay in their homes. The relaxing environment provides inner peace to the members of home. The beauty and peace of a home are not only maintained with happiness and love between the individuals of the family, it should also look elegant and serene all the time. When it comes to qualities of home, lighting, air, cleanliness, and space plays an important role in making it a nice place. Colour of paints and textures enhance the cloud feature of the room. The boundary designs and ceiling design change the view of room and make them look high. 
Although, white is the best colour that makes the home appear large and spacious. The reflective qualities of white colour signify simplicity and emphasize the architecture of the home. There are some tips that can help you to make your home big look. Read on to know more:
1.Arrange Smartly
Start with the furniture! Make proportional combination of furniture present in your home. Brush up wooden furniture against the room’s wall. Try to maintain the sense of presentation in the living area, don’t forget to leave little space between the walls and furniture. If your room have king size bed, then create a cosy cave. Avoid arranging heavy furniture in the usable space of your home. 
2.Keep it Simple
Furniture that is close to ground leaves an impact of openness in the empty area. They have more space on the above area as compared to lower space. Put loft bed or lay mattresses on the floor. You can choose different themes style in your home. Play with colourful mirrors on the walls. 
3.Manage with Styled Furniture
Create an illusion of spacious home by making a sense of movement and openness. Streamlined furniture allows air and light to flow well while modern furniture is leggy. You can try butterfly chair to maximize space of you home. 
4.Correct Use of Mirror
Try clever positions of mirror on the walls that enhance the look of home. You can place them on another side of the wall, it will reflect light from the wall from the window. It will perceive more space.
5.Remove Curtains
Eliminate curtains from your living space as they add additional stuff to the room. Along with curtains, one should also avoid draping in the rooms. Keep your rooms simple. If you want complete privacy in your home, then go for shutters or cloth binds. They cover less space and extend the window frame.
6.Vertical Designs
If you have a vertical shelf in the room, then maintain uniformity with that. Choose décor which is vertical in shapes like lamps, windows, and bed. Vertical design emphasizes on spacing that raises the sense of openness. 
7.Clear the Path
Comfort the walking space by arranging stuff at the corners. Keep the furniture sideways and avoid placing them in the middle. Go for sturdy and simple colours.
The above tips can help you to maximize your living area. Enjoy living!