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Stamp Duty charges in Delhi


  • What are Stamp Duty charges in Delhi?

  • Procedure property registration in Delhi online.

  • What property documents to be registered at office?

  • When to pay these charges?

Taxation Sunday, 10th July 2016

Its now even worthy to mention that Delhi is one of the most important sectors for the real estate growth in India and to who so ever is looking to buy property in Delhi, it is vital to register the property. When you buy a property in any part of the capital city, the property registration charges as well as stamp duty fees are compulsory. 

Property registration in Delhi has been derived from the Registration Act of 1908. Registration procedure takes place at the Sub registrar offices with complete record details. Stamp duty charges over a property for males in India are 6% while they are 5% for join men and women. While for women it is 4%. The government of the city has announced the online registration facility for the same in year 2012 which meant that every property owners could register their property online legally. The facility and convenience of e-property registration are available at sub registrar at 13 different locations in Delhi.

This step by the Delhi Government was taken to plug Delhi people hassle-free services.

Procedure property registration in Delhi online:

• An applicant has to log on to 
• From there they have to download the form
• They can also buy e-stamp paper 
• The website also contains stamp duty calculator which provides details of charges

Afterwards, the applicant has to fix an appointment with the e-registrar’s office via call or online. Once they get an appointment, they need to visit the registrar’s office with the electronic access cad provides followed with his documents as well as identity. There they will further be guided by the concerned person.

What property documents to be registered at registrar offices?

1. Sale Deed
2. The Will
3. Conveyance Deeds
4. Gift Deeds
5. Share certificates
While many people are not aware but whenever they buy property in Delhi or NCR, they need to pay several charges that include stamp duty as well as registration charges. While the stamp duty is charged by the government of the state on any kind of property transaction, the registration charges are the amount that one needs to pay to get their property registered. These charges tend to vary from state to state. For instance, in NCR, the Stamp duty charges of Noida and Ghaziabad are same but they are different in Faridabad, Gurgaon and Delhi..In NCR, the different stamp duty and registration charges are applied as per different cities.

When to pay these charges?

Now the main question is when a buyer has to pay for the stamp duty and the registration charges. The answer is very simple. Whenever they want to get their property registered on his or her name, they will need to pay for the stamp duty and registration charges at the same time. In case of apartments, plots or any other type of property, the charges depend upon the total salable area of the property. 

Thanks. Helps out
Jul 16, 2016
Thanks. Helps out
Jul 16, 2016