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 Metro Changing Cities for Good


  • Metro being a lifeline for city.

  • What has it done for city?

Infrastructure Friday, 25th March 2016


There has been an endless debate to the ill effects of metro in cities. Metro has been the lifeline of various cities like Delhi and Bangalore, especially where there has been seen large transportation and crowds. Developing countries like India are leveraging the benefits of these super fast, convenient, safe and secure transportation media.

Now let’s count on how metros have changed cities for good

A public transport that everyone loves to travel with. It is easy to reach, board, helps to connect different corners of cities in minutes of time span. Moreover, metros are quiet affordable which has made staying and travelling in the cities like a cakewalk.
Fuel saving: Cities and countries have been facing the issue of fuel consumption and power consumption. The fuel consumption in major metro cities has been reduced to half, as per the studies.
The city roads now days host little traffic, lower vehicles.  People are now shifting towards metro for commuting their offices as it is time bounded and quiet fast to reach.
Vehicle cost saving as usually travelling by cars, bikes etc. takes toll over the pockets and costs as much as triple of the actual cost. This has helped the population to save more.
The greenhouse gas emission has been reduced, thanks to the electronic transportation media. Earlier tons of harmful gas emission used to take place, making the city atmosphere toxic.
The higher vehicle numbers on the roads, the higher the chances of road accidents and thus even lower fatal rates.
Reduced travel time whether you want to go from one corner to other or cover miles sitting in an air conditioned environment.
Safety of women as they have their own coach, camera fitted platforms to ensure the safety and harassment cases at bay.
The cleanliness level and standard quality has been appreciated by the UN itself.
The amount of crowd metros are carrying on regular basis cannot be ignored. No other systems has this much efficiency and has really made a big change in the life of working class.

There is no point of counting the ill effects of metros in cities, as they are negotiable in front of all these beneficial additions that metros have made to our cities. Metro cities are considered to be one of the most developed across countries, reason being that well connectivity to major points comes into place with Metro. Moreover, a cost effective, classy and convenient transportation system helps the population to adjust in the new cities without hassles.

The environmental benefits are non-negotiable and they need lower space than other kind of railway systems. The space occupancy offers sustainable and scalable feature to the entire model. We can rely on the high capacity carriers no matter what the occasion or time of the day it is. With the upcoming development and metro lines, this convenience is sure to get increased and the travel will become even more fast and convenient.