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Features of Luxury Homes
Interior Designing Friday, 11th November 2016

Features of luxury homes


Traditional prominent addresses (and you can add something) are no longer the defining baseline concept for luxury homes. Opulent customers are expanding the borders of traditional luxury locales, and are willing to pay a premium in emerging luxury areas if the amenities and lifestyle offerings are right. The evolution of high-end commercial real estate is quenching their thirst for this phenomenon.

Conscience and suppressing blood money

Owning a home that doesn’t negatively impact the community—and one that can even bring positive meaning—is attractive to wealthy buyers. The demand for more sustainable and healthy environments has placed greater emphasis on knowing where and how products are manufactured, and has fueled a trend toward conscious living.

Bigger used to be better in the lavish-home market.

Not anymore.

These days, buyers of million-dollar homes want less square footage than in years past. They do not want the hassle of furnishing and maintaining a larger home when they won't even be using some of these rooms. In the luxurious-price range, there is no scaling back on amenities: The more the better, with high-tech, outdoor living spaces and professional-style kitchens leading the list.

Top features

  1.  Privacy

“Location, location, location”; says it all in this market. Preserve and hillside lots are preferable because of their seclusion. Other-view lots and equestrian lots also are popular, but golf-course lots are considered too public if otherwise you have your own.


  1. Outdoor living space with a view.

Outside amenities are as important as indoor ones in this price range. That's because buyers use their backyards as entertainment spaces. These mansions features ocean or mountain or rather a scenic view all the way around, and even has a rooftop viewing deck to appreciate them from. Who doesn’t like to wake up to an amazing cup of coffee and a scenic view.


  1. Green building

Luxury-home buyers are looking for houses that are energy-efficient as well as environmentally  in construction and amenities.

  1. Customized rooms

- Fitness rooms that are outfitted with machines and have space for yoga instruction,

- Teen rooms, so kids can entertain their friends, watch their own shows or play video games.

- His and hers offices, or a large office that can accommodate two work spaces.

        - Wine rooms that have temperature-controlled shelving.

        - His and her closets.


  1. Garages

Four stalls is what luxury buyers look for as they collect plenty of cars or motorcycles. An over-height garage is another desired cool feature.It allows a lift to be installed so cars can be stacked


  1. A Media Room

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than your very own home movie theater. You could watch any movie in your privacy with the luxury of not bearing through obnoxious cinema discomforts.


  1. Chef’s kitchen

For the home owner who likes to entertain, a huge, state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen is a must. I mean, where else would the Michelin star chefs you hire to cook dinner for twenty of your closest friends and family, work their magic?


At the other end of the spectrum, some enthusiastic buyers are pushing the desire for newness to new heights. Impeded by lack of quality inventory, more and more ultra-affluent buyers wish to build their own trophy homes from scratch. Luxury is no longer about brash displays of wealth, note many experts in our network. Instead, scaled-back, quality-over-quantity luxury will continue to be one of the key tenets behind many prestige property acquisitions.