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Buy back schemes in real estate
Marketing Monday, 18th July 2016

There has been a good share of ups and down in the real estate market in the recent years and we see that the market is getting mature day after day. The excessive amount of speculation which is bought from the first time investors, we see that the buyers are also becoming aware of the realistic growth opportunities. Because of this, we also see that the buyback offers are also becoming very popular on the new developments and they have also become harder to encounter, the reason behind this is the established market and the volatility. When we talk about buy back scheme, this scheme is generally based on a contractual basis from a development firm.

In such a case, the developers basically agree for re-purchasing a particular property for some percentage of the price, once after a period of time. 

These kinds of offers are generally likely to feature in the strong and emerging markets as there is a good chance of capital growth in a short to a medium period is very high.  In case a developer guarantees to re-purchase a piece of property for a specific percentage in a particular time period, then there is a need of serious analyzation of the market so that there is strong chance of profitability for a developer as well. 

Because of the market analysis, it is also certain that as much higher will be the gains, they could be easily obtained by the savvy investors who are willing for dedicating time and energy to study the market.  Though, the buyers who expect fast returns by selling the property on their own, without considering the agent fees and the account capital gains, they receive a small return as compared to what was initially expected from them. 

Benefits of investing in the real estate are guaranteed with the option of buy-back which also include an established exit strategy in which there isn’t any need of the owners for searching the potential to re-sale the buyers in a foreign market.  Apart from this when we talk about a value of a unit, there is also a great need for the long-term maintenance of a piece of property.

When we talk about a buy-back scheme, it is similar to the purchase of a low-risk investment and it is also ideal for those who have limited knowledge of the overseas market. Most of the buyers have great confidence in the market or a product which comes with the buy-back guarantee as in such a case the growth of the investment will not get affected by the fluctuations in the market. 

The process of guaranteed buy back works on a number of levels and it is the best options for the buyers who want to invest funds in a secure option. Thus most of the buyer gets attracted when this option is available. 

Hope this piece of writing will prove helpful to you.