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10 Tips to maintain your Home this summer
Interior Designing Tuesday, 23rd August 2016

Summers are heating us like hell; every day is getting warmer from the previous day. While it’s you tempting to sit in front of AC or under the cooling fan, nothing is going to cool you down. If you are a home stayer and annoyed with the hot roofs and walls then it is time to bring some changes in your home to enhance the cooling effect. There are ample of ways to shield your home from heat without digging deep in your pocket. Let’s see 10 simple tips to maintain your home this summer season:

1.    Keep the windows closed

Keep your windows closed during day time as it makes the room hot by 30 to 40%. This tip is easy to maintain as you just have to swipe down all the windows by 9 o’ clock in the morning. Set up curtains in your room to enjoy shade, it will cut down the electricity bill by 7%.

2.    Don’t forget the Doors

After windows, doors come at second place that boils your room temperature. Shut all the doors when they are not in use. Keep them open during night hours to maximize ventilation.

3.    Stick to Fan rather than AC

When the temperature is not too hot, try to switch on fan rather than AC. You can place an ice bowl in front of fan to enjoy cool breeze. The air whips will automatically become chilled and misty.

4.    Change the bed sheets

Seasonal modification in bed sheet freshens up the room; it is a simple way to lower down the room temperature. Switch to cotton sheets as it remains cool and breathes easily. Use mild shades like white, sky blue, light green and avoid bright shades like red, purple and black while purchasing summer bed sheets. Try to use white colored pillows as they soothe your mind and soul while sleeping.

5.    Change the fan setting

Modify the ceiling fan setting to counter-clockwise at high speed, it will offer you chilled breeze that gives you a super cooling experience.

6.    Change yourself

Try to maintain your body temperature by scheduling your diet, include cool beverages like iced drinks, and apply cold smooth cloth to high-pulse areas like wrist and neck to balance the blood pressure. Turn towards cotton clothes to keep your body cool.

7.    Exhaust

Turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen so that steamy air of cooking food will automatically exile out from the home.

8.    Cool down your bed

Put chillow under your head before going to bed, it will induce cooling and minimize the heating effect. You can also put frozen bottle at the foot of bed to enjoy a restful sleep. One can also dampen the sheets before going to bed.

9.    Come in Air

Keep the windows and doors open during night to ventilate air. Fresh air will refresh your house and cool down the fan breeze.

10.    Ditch the bulbs

Switch to mild compact fluorescent lamps as they prevent the conversion of light into heat. They are mild in colour and save your electricity bills too.

So, ladies follow the above tips to maintain your home in the hot summer season and enjoy!

Thanks for very nice and usefull tips !!
May 22, 2016