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How to keep your kitchen clean?
Interior Designing Wednesday, 31st August 2016

“The kitchen is the heart of your home”
The above saying holds true as it also depicts much more about the hygienic nature of a woman. It does not matter whether you are a housewife or working woman, if you love to keep your kitchen tidy and clean then, you are a superwoman of the house. Keeping kitchen clean and neat is a difficult task as it gets dirty too fast. Apart from basic washing and wiping of dishes, there is much more to do. One needs complete cleaning of kitchen from top to bottom to keep it dirt and insects free. Following are some effective tips that can help you to keep your kitchen clean and neat: 
1.Kitchen Slab
When we end up the cooking process, we are left with the juice, coffee and spice stains on the kitchen slab. You can clean these stain by mixing hydrogen peroxide with water, also add little ammonia to form a solution. Simply dip the cloth in solution and wipe the stains. Another great trick to buff up scratches is cleaning with superfine dry steel wood. 
2.Mop Up tiles
To make the smooth tiles stain free, use baking soda along with home cleaner. Take two gallons of water, add half cup of baking soda to it, and mix properly to make it homogenous solution. Use a scrub with string mop to clean the tiles. 
3.Cast Iron
If your pan is accumulated with cast iron, then put 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan and allow it to heat. Add 3 tablespoon of salt to the pan and scour it until it gets clean. Finally, rinse the pan with vegetable oil. 
4.Floor Cleaning
To turn you dirty floor shiny clean, add nine parts of warm water with one part of white vinegar. Dip the mop in solution and clean the floor. 
5.Wall Splatters
Your walls can get two types of stains: waterborne and oil. If there are waterborne stains then, simply clean them with wet paper towel, but if you have oil stains then, use dishwashing bar soap blended with water. After cleaning, rinse the wall with water. 
You can remove tarnish from old pots, glasses, copper utensils and brass fixtures with ketchup shot. Dab some ketchup on smooth cloth and wipe the tarnished area gently. Rinse with water.
The above tips are very helpful in cleaning your kitchen. Below are some additional tips to keep the kitchen stains and smell free:
•Sanitize your kitchen after cooking meat.
•Clean all the sponges after cleaning dishes
•Use cooking thermometer to kill the bacteria and virus present in beef meat, pork, and other eatables.
•Wash your hands and sink after cleaning the entire kitchen.
•Sterilize refrigerator at frequent intervals with soap and water. Use gloves to clean it.
•Use two different boards for cutting veggies and meat separately. Keep the hygiene and cleaning process in mind for both the boards. 
You can use the above information to keep you kitchen shiny clean and neat. Start with a hygienic kitchen to improve your lifestyle and health.