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Know which Mattress suits Your Sleeping Style the Best
Trending Sunday, 30th October 2016

The best you can do to nourish your mind and body is get a sound sleep and wake up rejuvenated, ready for another busy day. However, according to a survey conducted by an electronic company, Philips, 93% of the Indians are sleep deprived, 58% of which fall asleep at work! This brings us down to the fact that majority of us are not able to sleep even for 8 hours in a single day.

 Going down to the roots of this fact reveals that one of the primary reasons of “sleeping in installments” is our mattress! Everyone has different sleeping styles but the same kind of mattress. The three primary kinds of sleeping styles are:

  • Back Sleeping
  • Side Sleeping
  • Stomach Sleeping

 Companies make different kinds of mattress for different sleeping types, not without a reason! Scientific theories are attached to the invention of different mattresses, which state that mismatching your sleeping style with your mattress can cause serious health problems like depression, obesity, high blood pressure, increased inflammation etc. 

It is very important to realize and understand that even minor and the most neglected items can also kill you slowly, if not replaced with the ones that suit you. Here in this article I’ll make you look closer into your sleeping styles and the best type of mattress for you. Go, find out!

1) Back Sleeping

If you sleep on your back, facing your roof, you are a back sleeper. Sleeping on your back keeps your spine straight, relieves your back and neck, recovers reflexive aches and hold chest placement with organs. However, using too soft or too hard mattress for back sleeping causes sleepers to feel stress on their spines and back pain. Such sleepers need a combination of softness and firm support for comfort as well as keeping the spine straight. So, if your sleeping position is starfish or soldier position, too soft mattresses are just not for you and too hard mattresses also will disturb your sleep. Go for the ones having a mix of both and the ones that could adjust themselves according to your spine.

2) Side Sleeping

Three positions for side sleeping are foetus (curling on the side), log (straight on the side) and yearner (arms out and straight legs on the side). If you sleep in any of these positions, throw away the hard and firm mattresses, if that’s what you use! Overly soft and well cushioned mattresses are recommended for side sleepers because they burden one side of their body with all the weight. Hard mattress causes pain in one side of the body and fails to provide much needed comfort. They pressurize on part of the body, while the other part is relaxed, which creates an imbalance, leading to the pain. A side sleeper may also feel uncomfortable during the night on firm mattress and may end up waking up several times, feeling deprived of sleep. The kind of mattress that sink in with just little weight, are the best for side sleepers.

3) Stomach Sleeping

This position is the unhealthiest position to sleep, to start with. When you are sleeping on your stomach, most of your weight is centered in the middle of your body, which makes it difficult to make a neutral spine position, placing strain on your back and spine. It also causes neck pains. However, this position is too comfortable to change, which is why a stomach sleeper would perhaps want to change his mattress! A hard mattress with a thin pillow would be the best sleeping apparatus for such sleepers. Avoid even a semi hard mattress the contouring effect can harm the chest and displace the spine, in worst case scenarios. A firm mattress on the other hand, will help keep the spine in its original position.

Now that you know the various sleeping styles, you should be able to identify yours and gift yourself a mattress that suits you best. After all, we spend one third of our lives on our mattress and it should be worth it!