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Which Floor Should you Choose?
General Saturday, 30th July 2016

While searching for a home, one tries to find all the amenities and comforts to live. But, it is not about amenities only, one should also choose the floor plan to get comforts according to the family need. Multi-storey apartment complexes have multiple units that provide you options for choosing the best floor for you. The multi-floor apartments have various facilities available on different floors. Let’s see which floor is best for you and your family for living: 
Ground is convenient for those who want peace in his home. This floor has several advantages like you can enjoy high music without disturbing others. Now, you don’t have to stress about climbing stairs. Basement also offers you a great advantage of cool climate when everyone was burning with the sun. The lower floors remain cool in summer seasons that reduce down the electricity bills of your home. You can enjoy less-light day while sleeping as basement won’t have large windows. 
2.First Level
You are lucky if you are able to grab the first floor of the multiplex apartment. There are multiple advantages like easy access to outdoors that offers easy porting. One can easily bring grocery products with less climbing of stairs. It is a good choice for those who love dogs and keep it with them. Now, you can easily take your dog on walk every morning and evening. The large patios of first floor offer you ultimate experience of private yard. 
Another great advantage of choosing first floor is that it is near the lobby. You can enjoy an easy view of the outdoor activities. 
3.Middle Levels
Settling above first floor allows you better views of the outer world. Being away from the street, you will experience less noise in your room. Plus, you can also enjoy balcony where you can relax whenever you want. One can enjoy watching stars at night from the balcony. 
But,if you want complete security and privacy in your home, then it may not be a good option as your will have neighbours too. But, if you want complete security and privacy in your home, then it may not be a good option as your will have neighbours too. 
4.Top Floor
Opting top floor for living is a great option as it comes with multiple facilities and advantages. You won’t feel disturbed with neighbour’s noise. You can also visit terrace and get the best views of the area. You have complete access to the roof. A disadvantage of choosing top floor is that you have to climb too many stairs to reach your place. But, modern apartments are integrated with elevators that solved it too. Added privacy and independence also offer you convenience of living. Many luxury apartments have more money invested on the top floor as compared to middle and basement. 


The above information can help you in choosing the best floor for you. Keep your needs and choices in mind before choosing any floor. Decide and get the desired one for you.