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Trendy Doors for Your Home
Interior Designing Monday, 12th September 2016

Doors are essential parts of the home that not only provide privacy to the entire family but, also add touch of style to your home. It is the least important feature that one takes into consideration while deciding the interiors. However, their security feature enhances the architectural value and elegance of your house. Nowadays, there are different types of doors available in the market composed of steel, PVC, plywood, wood and iron that comes in a variety of styles and designs. There are many developers who offer standard wood doors in their real estate project as home buyers avoid investing too much in home doors only. 
Following are variety of trendy doors that are under budget, durable and stylish:

1.Wooden Doors
These are most traditional and commonly used doors by people. Wooden doors are sturdy, reflect contemporary look, easy to maintain and provide safety to your home. They can be easily purchased from market at different cost. Wood door’s cost depends on the type of timber and carving done on it.
2.Wire gauge Doors
Wire gauge doors offer free air-circulation, prevent the entry of insects and mosquitoes in the house. The fly proof doors are ideal for kitchen place where food items are stored and cooked. Wire gauge doors are similar to panel doors, the only difference is- gauge is installed in place of panel.
3.Paneled Doors
A paneled door is designed with a frame that is composed of edge of doors. They are usually manufactured with block board, timber and plywood. The paneled doors usually have rectangular or square panels whose size may differ according to design and choice. The glass inserted panels add a touch of glamour to the doors. The trending panel flaps include: standard whole panel door, three-panel mission and five panels equal.
4.Flush Doors
It is composed of plywood and timber that makes it super light in weight. The timber frame makes the base on which plywood is mounted. It is usually used for rooms. The trend of pure wooden doors has changed now and replaced by the flush doors. 
5.Glazed Doors
Glazed doors are a combination of wooden stiles and rails fitted with glass panels. They look stunning and often used in commercial places. The architectural beauty of glazed doors offers security from intrusions. 
6.Bifold Doors
Bifold doors come in set of hinged doors that remain folded into each other and hinge from the track. They are usually used in bedroom closet, pantry and laundry rooms. 
7.French Doors
Add a dramatic touch to your home with French door styles, the door configuration contains two hinge-hung panels that are mounted on either side of the opening and swing towards each other. They usually come with insert glass design and can complement your home easily. 
8.Pocket Doors
The functionality is similar to slide doors; the single door is attached to the overhead track that slides within the provided space. They are ideal for small spaces like closet, toilets and music rooms. 
Install these trendy doors in your home and add touch of class to your living!