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How to design room of your child?
Interior Designing Thursday, 6th October 2016

Designing room for children can be a daunting task for parents especially when they develop and grow too quick. The lovely cartoon characters, animated walls, colourful curtains, glooming roof and comfortable bed are some of the important characteristics of the kid’s room. One should select a texture palette that goes well with furniture design and room décor.

Below are some effective tips that can help you in designing your kid’s room according to age and growth stage:

1.    From birth to One year

It is the fastest growing stage as within one year the child starts to crawl, walk and sit and utter words to interact with others. Try to design room with interesting objects that attract kids to play with them. Set up a mirror in the room as they enjoy playing with them; feel free to choose an expensive one as it is going to be used for a long time. Choose floor which is durable and ensures safety. Kids spend most of their time in rolling and sitting on floor.

2.    1-3 years

At this tender stage, children love to dress themselves, intimating their elders and siblings; house is a fun for them. Toddler chair, plastic utensils, simple chair and desks are some of the common home games for children. To develop motor skills in them, arrange games like hopping, jumping and skipping, ensure room has ample of floor space. Bring a closet organiser that helps the children to learn how to hang clothes in the closet. Developing these skills at beginning stage is necessary as they help in developing creation and aesthetics. Chalk board, paint, magnet board, laminated desks and rocking chair are some of the creative resources that one should install in the room of children.

3.    4-6 years

At this stage, children learn how to talk with manners. One should develop the skills of reading books. Reading books help in lingual development and brain development. Install a small library in their room with interesting books like stories, fairy tales, scientific facts and English poems. Upgrade the room with large table and chair so that they can draw and develop art. Offer them ample of space for storage of toys. Recognize where they are and where they can reach. One can also install a TV or computer in the room where they can enjoy watching their favourite movies and play games.

4.    7-10 years

At this stage children have varied likes and dislikes. You can ask your child about his interests and likes to set up a room. Another way is to provide a place to the child where he can display important items. Set up their room with favourite things and activities.

Additional Tips:

•    Hang creative pictures and artwork to inspire children towards drawing.

•    Avoid investing too much in things that are not going to be used for longer duration.

•    Set the concept of room according to choice of your child.

•    Install simple windows in the room that are easy to open and close.

•    Vinyl floors are best for children rooms.

Keep the above things in mind while designing your children room.