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Why to Invest In Real Estate in India?


  • How to make right decision?

  • Things to know before investing.

  • Growth of Real estate in India.

Ministry of Housing Monday, 13th June 2016

Big as well as small investors and companies are buying land plots in India. While DLF is busy procuring the Delhi and nearby areas, Reliance is handling the reigns of Mumbai, IT hubs are running towards Bangalore and Pune and NRIs are rushing to Chandigarh, Gurgaon or Delhi! Well, they all have different reasons to invest in Indian real estate. How? Read here!

Real estate prices, in last few years have risen globally, that too by unprecedented levels and developed countries like UK, US, or Ireland have seen 100% hike in prices. Countries like Dubai or others do not allow the foreigners to invest in their real estate which has opened gates for Indian economy to get the benefits. Indian economy is booming right now and people are in dire search of jobs and job hubs. This has created a great housing demand that is outstripping supply. Places where IT is apparent, people are willing to pay heavy prices to buy premium homes and services, which is further pushing up the prices.

Foreign Investments in real estate in India has too seen growth in last 2 years and the relaxation of FDI regulations has made it easier for big firms to come and expand the development in India. While earlier, foreigner investors were not permitted to trade or sell Indian underdeveloped plots or raw lands, the laws are changing.

India: Volatile Real Estate Market

India currently is witnessing a shortfall of housing units and the demand is further being fuelled by easier financing option, rising pay, young population and others. Banks too are now willing to provide home loans and what is worth noticing is that Interest rates in India are highest in the world, sometimes more than 8%, which is around double for that of US. Young Indian population is very much interested in being self dependant house in a big way which fuels the fire.

This all has led to a big opportunities and prospects of Indian coming out to be as a real estate destination. IT giants too have confirmed that they are eyeing India for investments and major IT parks will be sold to such commercial real estate companies. The changed government too had made certain changes in favor of lifestyle of people. Innovative world class housing are need of time and Indian consumers too want to live life king size. The entire scenario is in favor of real estate investors.           

If chosen wisely, real estate can be a strategic and ever growing investment for people. There is no better time to invest than Now. The rising prices are not going to fall down in coming times, as expected by experts and thus, if you are amongst those who are waiting for the prices to fall to buy their dream complex or home, they might never get a chance. Given the current trend of price hike, the prices of your property or the one you shortlisted are likely to get higher only. So instead of waiting, do it now!