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How social media can you grow your busines


  • Social media is itself a huge business which indirectly helps others businesses to expand

  • Benefits of using Social Media

  • Tips of using social media effectively

Marketing Monday, 16th January 2017   Editor: Vikas Tawar

Realtors are one of the best marketers in an offline person-to-person environment. But in this modern age and time, social media has become a huge platform to connect to the world and also offer a platform to expand your business.

Social media is itself a huge business which indirectly helps others businesses to expand. As the word suggest the main idea is to become to expand the reach of customers through some of the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pin interest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. A real estate business is not an exception to this either. One can expand his/her real estate business with social media as it gives the chance to stand out from crowd. Here are some of the benefits of using social media are:-

1.     Goodwill : Social media is free and open for all. One of the major reasons of being active on social media is that, it gives a platform that makes your business known to the world; its builds up your reputation. A business man can post his achievements, his ongoing projects, property and can attract clients with it, making your business visible and easily reachable.

2.     Network: It’s a platform which helps you to build your network beyond boundaries and help you spreading your reach and business.

3.     Marketing: With the help of Social media marketing or advertising you can reach clients that your traditional marketing method won’t be able to do. Also you will be able to find different and more innovative way of marketing.

4.     Keeps you updated: Social media may not give your business guaranteed growth but yes it’ll surely help you to be updated with the trends. You will be aware of the latest stuff happening in business, and if you are updated then you will automatically be able to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Tips of using social media effectively

1.      Don’t post irrelevantly: Just because you want to post something doesn’t mean you can post anything. Posts related to the business and motivational tips should be there to capture the main audience.

2.     Use them smartly: Pinterest and Instagram are image-focused whereas Facebook provides a nice mix of visuals and copy, so you can really write out what makes the house special or can add photo or a video of that also. LinkedIn is a tool where you can make a connection and find professionals of same field.

3.     Hash tags: Use hash tags of real estate. Important key words, like Real Estate, company name, buy, Sell, etc, so the main audience can reach you up quickly.

4.     Use links of website: Don’t forget to use links of your website; it’ll help generate traffic on your website. This will help you update your website as well.

5.     Be a market expert: Become Indulge in conversation happening and portray your image as Real Estate Market experts.

All these tips will help you in building more and effective presence on social media but you have to manage your using social sites in order to be more productive.