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New technologies used in construction


  • New technologies introduced.

  • Reason of technologies demand.

  • Why modern technologies are essential?

Infrastructure Sunday, 8th May 2016

The construction industry is changing worldwide as the digital technology has taken over it. The engineering, design and architecture aspect of the construction industry is getting dominated by many new technologies.

We have listed down new technologies used in construction for you.

1. Pegasus Two for survey

Land survey can take months through manual mode. But you need this 100 percent accurate data through this as the future of whole project depends on it. The surveys for large project can even take years. Pegasus Two system is made by Leica Geosystem. The vehicle conducts high definition scanning though its mounted equipment. The vehicle is capable of conducting 360-degree survey at the speed of 50 miles per hour.

Drone technology has also invaded the surveying domain in the construction space. remotely operated multirotor aircrafts are being used to conduct surveys. Digital camera mount is helping builders to achieve better results along with advanced software.

2. 3D printing enters in construction

The 3D printing technology is changing the world as we know it. The 3D printing technology is helping the engineers to create better prototypes. Many tests can be easily conducted on the 3D models of building in few hours. The process used to take days before the invention.

3. Glowing paint and stones

These glowing objects are becoming universal indicators of traffic and many other things. People are calling it ‘smart’ highways. The bicycle path is being differentiated using glow in the dark stones. The future applications of this technology will involve traffic markings and warnings to drivers.

4. Green constructions

Developers are making green buildings and practices there ultimate selling point. This also helps to decrease carbon footprint when activists all over the world are warning about the signs of global warning.

5. Roads as energy source

It is one innovative source of energy found by the construction industry. The Italy based underground power has managed to develop a technology which will convert the kinetic energy of automobiles on the road to electricity. If properly installed on right highways, this technology will produce power of 19 tons of oil. Solar roads are being constructed as well.

6. Smaller the better home

People across the globe are embracing smaller homes now. Nobody is dreaming of big rooms and huge apartment. Instead of that, people want more open green spaces. Governments are also considering this option for affordable housing.

7. Building information model

Contractors, engineers, architects and builders are taking help of this new technology. This software keeps the security or management of the building informed about the corridors in the structure. It also integrates security camera footage, electricity flows along with sewage mechanisms. 

8. Google’s spatial data analyzer Project Tango

You don’t have to carry bulky CPUs and machine on the construction sites anymore. The big data obtained from the construction.  Using project Tango software, smartphones and tablets can process the data collected during the site survey.

In future, construction industry in expected to introduce many revolutionary technologies to make the process simplified, fast and green.