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How to design your office?
Interior Designing Tuesday, 20th September 2016

Workplace leaves an overwhelming impact on your work- it enhances the ability to focus, maintains body posture and increases your productivity. It means that design of your workplace, be it either your home or a huge company, the space holds an important position in it. The office designing is not about FengShui, it is about generating results and accomplishing of work on time. In many studies, it is revealed that an employer’s ability, efficiency and productivity depend on the physical environment of the office. It is said that a well-designed office may increase the productivity by 20%. Following are different factors that can be helpful in designing your office elegantly:

1.    Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors that help the employee to remain focused. It also creates an inspired impact on the environment; still people invest very less in it. Poor lighting leads to strain on the eyes and result in fatigue, irritability and headaches. Dark spaces actually lead to depression. When you work in an office, you cannot control the lighting. One can use natural light bulbs, open the windows and install lamps in the workspace when it is dark.

2.    Chair and Tables

Sitting on a chair in which you have to adjust, move and stretch frequently to attain a comfortable position is not a good idea. It disturbs the employee and doesn't let him focus on the work. The importance of comfortable chairs and tables makes the environment relaxing and comfortable. Make sure the throne fits your body properly. Consider following things while purchasing ergonomic chairs and tables for office use:

•    Your computer should be 24-36 inches away from the eyes. The top of display should be at eye-level.

•    Feet should be in the resting position and lie on the floor.

•    Go for slight recline chair for best posture and reduced pressure. It minimises back pain too.

Install an adjustable table, you can add pillows to your lower bum or lower back. Some organizations provide risers for adjusting the height of the computer screens. You can invest some bucks in the pillows to make sitting more comfortable.

3.    Manage the Clutter

De-cluttering makes the place look clean and tidy. Developing clutter is creative but, it reduces the focus and productivity. Cleaning the entire office is not possible by the employees only. You can start it by cleaning the nearby environment of your sitting place. Keep the things in place, file them and organize the stuff for focused work.

4.    Colours

Colours play an important effect on the mood and brain functions. It provokes the emotional and physical response. Choosing the right tint for office is a great idea for enhancing productivity. Pick blue colour for overwhelming effect on the mood of employee. Install inspired colours in your office to stay focused. You can use postcards, cut-outs and magazines to inspire yourself.

5.    Temperature

Maintaining temperature is also an effective way of office designing for enhanced productivity. Install hot blowers in winter and A/C in summer for effective production.

The above tips can help you in designing an attractive office for effective productivity and improved performance.