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General 16th January 2016

Dealing with Real Estate broker

While you may have mastered a particular skill, it is not really necessary that you will be able to deal with the real estate broker or agents. A lot of people, who are pretty smart and talented, are not able to deal with the real estate agents properly. This is why they either not get what they want or end up having a bad relationship with the agent. If you are wondering how exactly one should deal with the broker, here are some of the tips you will want to use.

Remember that agents work on the commission basis

There are only very few real estate brokers who get the salary for what they do. Most of them work on the commission basis. Their commission is a certain percentage of the sale made. Broker gets paid as long as there is a sale. If there is no sale, there is no money for them. Therefore, you must remember that the brokers are not out there to do the public service. If you do not intend to keep them in the deal, do not work with them; and if you are working with them, make sure that you retain them till the end.

Make appointments to meet them

You cannot just drop in anytime you want and expect the broker to be at your service. Do not forget that you are not their only client; they have to deal with other prospects as well. Therefore, they will not drop everything they are doing and pay attention to you. It is more courteous to make an appointment and be there on time. Also, if you have made an appointment, make sure that you show up. If you think you will not be able to make it or will get late, tell the broker in advance.

Choosing a Real Estate Broker

You will need to decide whether you want to work on your own without a broker or hire one. If you are hiring a broker, then you can either go for listing agent or your own agent. If you are thinking about hiring your own broker then it would be best to interview some of them and figure out who you would be most comfortable with. Do not forget to tell the agents that you are interviewing them and nothing has been finalized yet. It would be best not to interview two brokers from the same real estate agency.

Do not sign anything unless you understand it completely

Do not sign anything unless you have completely understood the document. If there are any forms to fill, do not feel shy if there is anything you do not understand. Your broker may have you sign a lot of documents and forms. A broker is used to handling lots of documents and forms but you are not. If the broker is asking you to ‘trust’ them and sign without reading or understanding completely, it is best you stay away from them. A good broker will try his best to make you completely understand everything.