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 Master Planning and its Importance.


  • What is master plan?

  • Why its is important?

  • Important issues covered.

Infrastructure Saturday, 2nd April 2016

Master Plan, also known as Comprehensive Plan is a tool that provides long range to build environment for the community. It helps to guide you on how to make use of lands appropriately within municipality orders to protect public health, safety and also promotes general welfare.

A master plan helps to decide on

reliable location for housing, commercial and mixed use development using redevelopment, increase density, and city structure.Opportunities to extend the open space, civic facilities etc. Increase economic development preserve the things that need conversation and provides strategies to solve congestion
Master plans are visible statements and tangible statement showing where a particular is now, where it should be in future and what it be needed. Though they take up a lot of time for processing, they are far more successful as they represent a vision that brings into the concerns of different groups, their recommendations, creating a sound ground for communal as well as political support.

Good master plans are:

1. Flexible.
2. Involves the community.
3. Ideas from stakeholders.
4. Have a legitimate base.
5.Higher chances of fruition while it totally depends on the place to place and person to person, yet the decision to develop a master plan is usually determined by the need to analyze the current conditions, building community interest and participation.

Why is Master Plan important?

The simple answer to this question is that Master plans affect almost everything you do every day. The usual things that it will resolve for you include:

1. Where certain types of specific of businesses are always.
2. How much parking area should be allowed.
3. What improvements must be made and adopted.
4. Where the city should be improved.
5. Economic development strategies.

Why should one participate in a Master Plan?

Since master plans are city’s long range plan that’s why they are crucial to be understood, adopted and implemented as they affect your everyday activities, and also impact how you will utilize the same things in future.

The important issues that master plans cover:

1. What will be the economic strategy of city will be taken.
2. Types of business your city will attract.
3. How much parking will be allotted in your near area.
4. What improvements will benefit your area and city.
5. How you can protect natural resources.
6. Which areas will be allocated as historic districts.

Basically said, they devise why a particular building will be allocated somewhere, one way or two way streets, and a lot more thoughts, the best place to start with is through a master plan. It has a direct relationship with the citizens and facilitates the basic lifestyle of the people in a city. The art of master planning has become and emerged as a preferred tool of development for local communities, government and private firms and is vital more than ever before.