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Riding high and speedy with Bullet train project in India


  • Indian bullet train project

  • Project details.

Infrastructure Wednesday, 6th April 2016

We have been listening about the Indian Bullet train project for years and it seems the time has come to see the reality. India’s maiden bullet program will soon be started and it will approximately cost Rs. 1 Lakh crore which means a high end project that needs funding and technological operations of global standards. Moreover, if the work is started in 2017, the project will be done by 2024 which means it is still a long way to go.  We are being helped by Japanese Governmental agency or converting the dream into a reality.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has confirmed that reports and said that it will reduce a travel time of 505 km between two western cities from 7 long hours to just 2 hours. Moreover, the train will run at an assumed speed of 300 km per hours and the assumed cost for the entire project is Rs 98,805 crore. It has been said that the charges of travel for the bullet train will be higher than that of First AC Rajdhani Express which is quiet fair as per the travel time and convenience. Still the reports say that Railways will first examine the reports and then decide on to the future course of actions.

The details and follow up actions by the Cabinet for seeking approval and outline of the project success, feasibility, time deadlines etc will be prepared by next month and it has been estimated that if the work starts in 2017, the line will be completed by 2023 and operational in 2024. Once the studies are done, the final reports on the Mumbai and Ahmedabad corridor of Bullet train projects will be created that will discuss the fares, the route and everything within. On an average, it will take up 40,000 passengers everyday and being reasonable prices, it will be financial viable service. The top speed that this train will support is 350 kmph.

What makes an interesting notice about this entire project is that the Japanese government has offered to fund this project at a very low, in fact negligible interest rate of less than 1% per annum. The loan offer comes with riders that say 30% of the rolling stock would be sourced from the Japanese firms. The line will be constructed on internationally accepted standard gauge as compared to the Broad gauge standards that were suggested by Indian Railways. Expect a quick speed wonder train within India, if things remain on the tracks.

Since that so much investments, such a big project that too in a country like India, where there is dire need of quick and cheap transportation, Bullet train project sounds to be a big success for now. The large distance it will cover in such a short span of time is worth appreciation. The things we all want to see now is how it will look and what changes it will make to the life of a common man!