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10 Steps of Accomplish Your Goals
General Friday, 24th February 2017

All of us have dreams. It’s easy to desire something but the tough part begins with putting an attempt in fulfilling your dreams. Only a few people are able to reach their goals because of the approach they use to get there. This approach is the key and the best part is that it’s no rocket science.  You just need to stick to some principles you frame for yourself. I am sharing ten simple steps to achieve your goals.

       1. Decide what you want:

Majority of people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. They often confuse their desires with needs and fantasies with aspirations. Many people have multiple goals, each moving in a different direction. This leads to confusion and it takes years to clear this confusion. Sometimes, the confusion remains forever and people remain dissatisfied all their lives. Therefore, it is very important to know yourself, ponder upon your thoughts, listen to your heart and decide you unshakable goal.

       2. Begin Now:

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start working towards your goal. Procrastination is the biggest threat to your dreams. Start working today, now! It takes courage to begin but the first step is always necessary. So, you need to kill the lazy fellow within you and begin what you dream for.

      3. Take short steps:

Walk, don’t jump. Begin accomplishing small and feasible part of your dream and continue to do it until you reach your goal. The goal lies much ahead of you and you may feel that it will take forever to reach there but trust me, dedicated small efforts will eventually take you there successfully.

      4. Everyday counts:

Keep doing your little bit each day. You should not feel like taking a break from accomplishing your goal. Make it a habit. Do it uninterruptedly for a month and it will become your habbit. It won’t feel like a burden and you won’t even realize that you are slowly moving towards your goal.

      5. No excuses:

Weak people make excuses. They find ways to skip the hard work.  These are the people who fail to accomplish their goals. Winners are those who had never quit during their struggle. So, just keep moving without making excuses because it is very important to be honest to self.

       6. Be patient:

Prepare yourself for the fact that the journey to the dream is going to be long. It may take years. Don’t get disheartened mid-way and don’t take late results as failure. Wait for it. Believe that your dream is worth the wait and pain and struggle.

      7. Don’t subdue:

Don’t let the burden of your dream and the struggle involved overpower you. Don’t let it change or mold you. Rather, you should be able to overpower and control what you are doing. Don’t change in the journey to your dreams. Just be who you are, forever.

​      8. Make friends:

Make a lot of friends on your way to your dream. When you have people by your side, your journey becomes easier and more fun. Walking alone may turn out to be boring. Having good friends by your side will boost your confidence and give you the required courage and encouragement.

​      9. Don’t envy:

Your competitors may get ahead of you in the race of dreams. That should not let you take your focus off of yourself and concentrate more on what others are doing. You must realize that everyone is running their own race and no one can replace anyone. Just do your little best every day and don’t be jealous of others’ success. Rather you should gain motivation from others’ success and work even harder for yourself.

     10. Be happy:

 Never let the difficulties turn you off. Accept and face the challenges that you come across. Don’t let anything dim the light of your smile. Stay happy and make others happy. Happy times pass faster and positivity always helps.


Finally, I’d just like to say that don’t treat life like a race. It’s a journey, not a race. It’s okay to fail, cry and get heartbroken. You must be able to enjoy the bitter taste of life to know the true worth of a sweet, perfect life. Look in the mirror and say, “Love You Zindagi” and you will feel that everything is so easy and simple!