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Elevators: The reason for Tall Buildings!


  • A symbol of modernization due to its massive use

  • In 1823, two architects from London built an elevator

Construction Friday, 13th January 2017

The concept of elevators finds its roots in the mid-19th century when they were operated with steam power and were used for moving goods in bulk in mines and factories. Elevators have been evolving over centuries to become what they are today. They are no longer only a cumbersome means of pulling raw material up. In fact, their impact has been strong enough to affect the society at large.

 Prior to the popularity of elevators, most residential buildings were limited to seven floors, having wealthy people reside on the lower floors and giving space to unfortunate poor people on top floors. Lifts or elevators have bridged this space by providing ease and comfort of travelling down to the ground floor. It has become a symbol of modernization due to its massive use in malls, commercial and residential buildings.

 In a country like India, there are still thousands of people who have no access to elevators or escalators because they dwell in villages. But, it’s has proved to be its own kind of revolution as far as cities are concerned. Let’s have a look at the importance of elevators!

1) Boost to Construction

What good would have the big buildings been for us, had we never been able to reach the top of them!? Elevators are basically the result of the need of making tall buildings. Back in 1823, two architects from London built an elevator, which they called the “ascending room”, only to take the customers up to a considerable height so that they could get a magnificent view of London from there. The miracle of past times has become today’s necessity. All the tall buildings you know today are built because elevators were built! By boosting construction, elevators have not only given the world beautiful majestic buildings, but has also pumped an entire industry including real estate, which is a major contributor to GDP in India. Who thought of this huge contribution of a simple machine earlier!?

2) Saves time and energy

Of course, elevators save your time early morning when you are getting late for work all tensed up at metro stations and save your energy while you are heading back home from work, too exhausted to take stairs. Not only at the metros, they save your time at malls and at your offices. Name the place, and you will find elevators helping you out there.


3) Aid to the physically disabled

Going out for people with temporary or permanent disability is much less a problem now. Thanks to the elevators who have made them at par with a fully abled person at least as far as visiting certain places is concerned. Had they not been there, people with disability couldn’t even have imagined how it feels like to be on the top of the world!

4) New Office Ethics

New office ethics have come in place with the use of elevators at workplaces. In historic times, a tension used to evolve among people regarding who would enter the elevator first and who will push the button, which gave way to some ethics which are practiced today. Some of the ethics are turning your back to people who are already in the elevator when you enter, not disturbing any person’s private space, pushing the button for others if it’s not accessible to them, not talking much, giving way to someone at the back if they have to get down before you and displaying an overall courteous behavior.

I hope you had a good and informative read about something as unusual as elevators which made at least me realize that the importance of elevators was too under rated until now. So, keep reading and keep learning!