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Importance of open space in houses


  • Importance of open space.

  • Open space layout advantages.

General Saturday, 30th April 2016

 “Clay is shaped into a bowl but it is the empty space that matters”

That quote by Lao Tzu captures the essence of a living space. A house is shaped by its walls but it is the spaces that matter the most.  The importance of actual space and the perception of space, cannot be underestimated. Do you remember the traditional designs of the homes which belonged to a previous generation? Gardens, terraces, balconies, and the inner central courtyardwith all other rooms built around it used to be the typical design. The inner courtyard provided cooling, ventilation, natural sunlight to the rooms around it and was the heart of the household where the whole family interacted- children played, women did their chores and chatted away happily, the older generation dozed off while soaking in the sun and the men sat around sipping tea and feeling important!

 Nowadays such open spaces within and around a house are a luxury which only a few are able to afford in the form of farm houses or lavish homes. But a little bit of imagination and good designing can create wonderful open living spaces which work particularly well for homes with less square footage. Fundamentally the concept of open space in houses means that the home has one or more large open spaces that serve the function of multiple rooms. Allowing spaces to flow into one another can do wonders for stretching space in small homes. “A sense of openness creates a sense of spaciousness,” says Hamptons architect Frederick Stelle.

In such a concept there may be dividers in the form of clear glass walls or glass sliding panels, or just pieces of furniture to define a space. Thus for instance an outer garden or balcony can merge into the living space when the floor to wall glass sliding panels are pushed back.  Or the dining area, the kitchen space and the living area blend seamlessly into one another in one shared space.  Less walls make your home feel larger.  And in case of two-storyor taller houses opening space upwardsby having only one vaulted ceiling gives the feeling of a much larger space.

Open space layouts have many advantages:

1.Fewer walls create an illusion of a larger space.
2.It allow more natural light to permeate throughout the house due to minimal walls.
3.There is more usable living space as it saves space wasted on doors, walls and passages.
4.The vision is unobstructed by walls and even if you are in the kitchen area you can keep an eye on the kids outside as well as see the programme on the T.V placed in the living area.Anchor
5.An open space is great for entertaining and you don’t miss out any of the action even if you have to be in the kitchen area! It is said that people become lonely because they build walls instead of bridges!
6.When the open space inside the house blends into the garden or balcony outside you have the illusion of bringing in the outdoors and have a great view of the greenery and the open skies!

The aesthetics and as well as the practicality of open spaces are making it the hottest trends in home designs. And in addition if you have a bit of open space outside the house in the form of a garden, a terrace or even a small balcony  the effect can be truly like a piece of heaven away from the crowded, cluttered and congested urban lives that we lead.