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Sports township- new trend in india
Marketing Sunday, 2nd October 2016

Sport township projects are becoming popular in developing countries like India. Now, the question arise is- Will these projects be able to redefine India’s residential real estate?

According to real Estate experts, “The exposure to modern architecture and international home concepts are changing the designing of real Estate Projects. Lifestyle aspirations are rising and demanding the homes projects with golf, clubs, swimming pools and other recurring concepts for luxurious living. In sports, golf is one of the most common games preferred by sports lovers. Sports Township is rising at a very fast rate in Real Estate as people are seeing it as a status symbol.”

Golf course, swimming pool, cricket ground, horse riding arena, squash courts and tennis are some of the common categories included in the recently launched Sports Township. Some of the advance Real Estate Projects also included training programs and coaching academies for such games. According to Real Estate Developers, the sports facilities have become crucial as it has become a lifestyle quotient for people. Hence, keeping this in mind, the Real Estate Developers launched integrated townships that include huge sports complex with wide range of sports activities.

Below are some of the key factors that have emerged the need of Sports Township:

1.    Increasing demand for modern facilities

At present time, buyers are evolving at a fast pace and so their needs. The increased exposure to modern designs and concepts allures the buyers to purchase unique and luxurious living space.

2.    Demand for Open Space

Pollution, lack of open space and hustle bustle of cities has increased the interest of home buyers in Real Estate residents. The primary reason for moving Sports Township residents is reduced space in urban cities. Individuals are no longer able to find green and open spaces where they can enjoy activities and games.

3.    Healthy Lifestyle

Resident home Buyers are fitness conscious and search for deluxe lifestyle that help assist them to stay fit and active. Stress and tension are the common features of city lifestyle that are ruining the health of adults. People have realised the value of sports and fitness. Sports Township can serve as an advantage for sports lovers who want to carve their career in the sports field.

4.    High Income

The concept of Sports Township has increased the disposable incomes of resident buyers. The Real Estate Developers revealed that an increase in societal change and disposable income is observed that has resulted in innovative offerings in the home sectors.

5.    Regulatory Mechanism

The regulatory mechanisms for Sports Residents follow certain rules of the residential projects. There is some space reserved for green spaces, sports facilities and other amenities of luxury lifestyle.

6.    Additional Amenities

The Sports Township has major attractions for children, old ages and young adults. The outdoor activities and sports act miraculously on the health of people. It helps in shaping their mind and health.

A number of Sports Townships are in the planning stage of the metro cities. After some years, such projects will become a major part of the cities Till then wait and enjoy living!