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How to keep your home clean and tidy?


  • Tips to keep your home Clean and Tidy.

  • Equipments and tools should be handle with care.

Interior Designing Wednesday, 6th July 2016

It is true that the house in which kids live never remain clean and tidy as they keep on spreading the stuff here and there in the house. This annoying activity of the kids burdens the mother to clean and tidy the home every time. You can cut down your efforts by simply keeping these cleaning tips in your mind:

If you are a working professional who doesn’t get ample of time to clean their homes regularly, its best to go for professional house cleaners as they are just professional! Yes. They will clean your home like you do right from walls to bathrooms, mats to kitchen and what not! And guess what, when you come home from office, you will get a sanitized space to rest and talk with your family!

1. Use professional equipments and tools to keep your house clean. For example, vacuums are ideal device to pull out the dirt from corners of home, clean fibers of carpets and remove pet hairs. Mops and cleaning machines greatly help to clan your floor without causing any damage to expensive floors. Rubbing them with dry clothes is just so passé.

2. Clean your home top to bottom. Start from the walls, curtains, or doors and then to the windows, tables, sofa, bed and finally the rugs, mattresses and floor. The logic is simple, the dust will fall downwards and your otherwise cleaned table might get dusty with the curtain dust!

3. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning stain as they are prone to diminish the lifeline of your home infrastructure. While phenyl seems to be a common chemical, it is proven that it causes faded floor colors. Moreover, chemicals are not good for your’s and family’s health.

4.Cleaning windows with clothes is just a big No. Use newspaper only to get stain free mirror and glasses. Clothes might leave fibers and stains behind which are visible once the mirror is dry. Same is the case with the tissue papers.

5.Keep the windows and doors closed during winters and autumn as they provide gateway not only to dust and dirt but also to allergens and unwanted pests that might harm your home and health both.

6.Keep doormats and dustbin ready, clean and at easy to reach places. Teach your kids to use dustbin and doormats. It is better to keep dustbin nearby your stairs which also helps the guests to throw garbage, if they want.

7.The shoe racks are a big help to keep dirt away from home. Most of the guests will understand the meaning of shoe racks if they find it nearby entrance. They won’t hesitate to pull out their shoes and walk bare foot inside the hall. However, if they don’t find it, most probably they will move with their dirty shoes inside.
Always read the instructions before using house cleaning equipments. Using them the right way provides best cleaning otherwise, it might either get damaged or come of no use at all!