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Furnished/Unfurnished- Know your Type!
Comparison Sunday, 25th December 2016   Editor: Twinkle Saini

Furniture forms an essential asset of your home. People often invest time to decide whether they should move to a furnished or a non-furnished apartment. Both have their own pros and cons. Some people would appreciate easy and smooth moving while others would just not like to have someone else’s choice furniture! It is actually people’s choice that declares which form of a flat is better. However, if you are one of those who are not able to make up a mind, then you must go through this article to help clear your confusion.

Furnished Apartment:

Many of you must be skeptical of moving in to a furnished apartment. Let me tell you, although it costs a little more, it brings in a lot of advantages that can’t be ignored too easily. Here they are:

1. Moving in won’t be a pain

The hardest thing to do while relocating is carrying your furniture and setting it up at the new place, all over again! This is exhausting as well as time consuming. You may even break your furniture in transit. However, furnished apartment makes the dream of easy relocation a reality. All we want in our busy lives is some relief and relocating without furniture is a big one!

2. Go with the trend

An unfurnished apartment gives you the opportunity of adding up your lightly furnished apartment with the most trendy stuff.This is a good reason to discard your old furniture and, which otherwise would stay with you all your lives! You can also furnish your place according to your taste and put your creativity into it. This way it will feel more like a place that you created on your own and you will be more attached to it.

3. Get the Math Right!

It’s no mystery that a furnished apartment will cost you more than an unfurnished one. However, you don’t need to purchase any furniture because it’s already there! If you smartly calculate the extra money you are giving for the furnished apartment and the money you would have spent in case you had to buy the new furniture, you can actually find yourself at the brighter side of the transaction by making some profit.


Unfurnished Apartment:

A lot of people prefer an unfurnished apartment over a furnished one, not without a reason. While a furnished apartment offer you the advantage of moving in comfortably, you could really save a lot of money by opting for an unfurnished apartment. Here are some other reasons why an unfurnished apartment could be a better option:

1. No wastage

An unfurnished apartment assures you that you are not wasting any money. You don’t have to discard any furniture. In fact you can sell the outdated furniture and buy some new furniture from the proceeds. An unfurnished apartment also costs less and you can use the surplus money for other investments or you can simple save them!

2. Easy to choose:

Since you don’t have to select the best apartment with the best furniture, it becomes easy for you to pick an unfurnished apartment. Your desires meet what the apartment is providing, a way too easily than in the case of furnished apartment.

3. Keep your favorites forever:

You don’t have to bid adieu to your old furniture carrying the essence of beautiful memories. You can bring the bed from your first salary or furniture gifted by the close ones to make your new place as warm and adorable as the old one!

I leave it up to you to decide if you are a furnished apartment person or an unfurnished apartment person. At the end, it is you who should be completely contented with what you are investing your money and life in!