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Caged Opportunities finally set free with the inauguration of KMP Highway


  • This works as a 54 km long bypass for the vehicles coming from Jaipur towards Faridabad/Agra

  • Haryana Government is set to create 13 theme cities around KMP

Infrastructure Saturday, 13th May 2017   Editor: Vikas Tawar

Kundli Manesar Palwal Highway, also called the Delhi Western Peripheral Highway is a project which was initiated in 2006 with the aim of diverting the traffic off the congested capital of Delhi and save the travellers’ time and money. This works as a 54 km long bypass for the vehicles coming from Jaipur towards Faridabad/Agra and for those heading to Jaipur/Mumbai from Agra/Kolkata.


This beneficial project, however, kept people waiting for over a decade. It was supposed to be completed in 2009, in the first place. However, the deadline extended to 2012. The onus of building this expressway was on KMP Expressways Limited, which is owned by DS Construction Limited. However, it didn’t showcase a satisfactory performance. Only 70% of the project had been completed in eight years, exceeding the estimated cost of Rs. 1,915 crore by Rs. 800 crore, to Rs. 2,715 crore. Due to the poor performance of concessionaire, IDBI, the lead banker to the project, had them a “substitution notice”.Accordingly, in 2015, the Supreme Court took the decision of terminating the old concessionaire and has a new one. The inauguration was finally done on April 5, 2016, opening this expressway to a storm of traffic.


It is a 54 km stretch connecting NH2 (Mathura Road) in Kulsipur in Palwal to Panchgam Village on NH8 (Delhi-Jaipur Road) near Manesar in Gurgaon District. The Kundli Manesar Palwal Highway and the Kundli Ghaziabad Palwal Highway would interconnect to form a ring road aound Delhi. This will keep 80,000 non destined diesel trucks and commercial vehicles from entering Delhi, thus checking pollution.


Real Estate has already activated with the opening of Palwal-Manesar stretch of the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Highway, to traffic as well has promising infrastructure opportunities. Leading real estate developers have already started working on the housing and commercial projects to emerge as great facilities for people. Haryana Government is set to create 13 theme cities (a cyber city, a bio city, a medical city, fashion cities, entertainment cities and leisure cities). It will also come up with five theme cities making up the Millennium City which will adorn the state with amazing infrastructure. Last but not the least, an industrial model township at kharkhoda and a dry port city at Palwal are also heading up to be a part of the greatest highways of all times. Mapsko Builders Pvt Ltd. Grabbed the opportunity and has already come up with the project called Mapsko Garden Estate on the KMP Highway, Sonepat. One word they use to describe their new residential project is “plentiful”. They are surely going to get long and plentiful through their project.


Since the highway is connected to five other major highways, namely, NH1, NH2, NH8, NH10 and NH71B, it will provide easy access across regions and that too, without passing through the congested Delhi. This is surely an encouragement for warehousing and logistics industry, which is high in demand and have a lot of potential for growth. This highway provides logistics industry with a platform to rise and prosper by making timely and hassle free supplies and providing the much needed, speedy customer service. A huge Commercial Warehouse covering 10.50 acres and having great access to the KMP Expressway is already in place. It is the only commercial warehouse except Adani group around that area. 


Residents of Palwal consider this highway as a blessing because it will boost the commercial activities in their district. According to Hardeep Mahajan, Chief Patron of Palwal Chamber of Commerce, Faridabad, Palwal, Gurgaon, Manesar, Sonepat and Mewat will become the hub of business activities, upon the completion of the entire KMP road.

Panchgaon is a cluster of five villages namely, Kukrolla, Fazalwas, Gwalior, Chandla and Fukhrapur. Panchgaon was acquired over a decade ago, for the KMP project. The owners of the acquired land were the residents of Panchgaon themselves. This acquisition left the owners jobless. They have been waiting for 10 years for the project to be completed and now, they see hope of being employed again.


At the time of inauguration, Mr. Nitin Gadkari mentioned that the traffic in Delhi would reduce by half upon the completion of the entire highway, throwing light on how strategically important this highway is. Residents of Panchgaon can now reach Vrindavan in only 45 minutes, who earlier had to travel for one and a half hour through the bumpy Tauru road.


The Highway has exempted the travelers from toll tax for the first two months. However, two months later, cars will need to pay Rs. 1.3 per km and heavy vehicles will need to pay Rs. 4.5 per km. Four toll plazas have been built to assure that the commuters pay only for the part of stretch they are travelling, instead of paying for the entire corridor.


Located in the vicinity of two major highways, Gurgaon Expressway (NH8) and KMP Expressway, Sohna Road is one of the fastest growing stretches in real estate sector in and across NCR. The expectation of the completion of KMP highway has left the prices at Sohna road elevating. Due to its great connectivity, the demand for property in sohna road is gaining momentum. Projects like Vipul Green and  Tulip Ace launched at the price of Rs.2,800 sq. feet, whose prices have now touched Rs. 5,500 sq. feet. Property is still affordable at this place and if investments are made now, investors are going to get good returns of about 20-40 per cent in 3-5 years.


Controlled area of two kilometer width on both sides of Palwal Manesar section would embrace ambitious projects in the near future. Industrial, Commercial and Service Sector projects will hit the floor. Regional Scheme-2021 for National Capital Region has been prepared and notified by the National Capital Region Planning Board. Also, a global corridor has been planned along the KMP highway under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Seven detailed project reports involving an investment of more than Rs.800 crore have already been approved by the government.