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Top 5 Stress Relievers for your Home
Wednesday, 26th October 2016   Editor: Twinkle Saini


Ever given a thought to how many times do you claim to be in stress in a single day? Slow internet-you’re stressed, can’t fit in your old clothes-you’re stressed, time to go to work-you’re stressed, no money-of course, you’re stressed! Almost everything you do in your day makes you feel the stress. We barely do what we actually love and then complaint about what we do throughout the day!

Stress is such a common term used even by kids these days but it is not something that should be so closely attached to you. It’s a negative feeling which builds up frustration which further builds up negativity! With such a vicious cycle running inside you, you’re nothing but negativity walking in disguise! A healthy, peaceful and a beautiful life require us to live instead of functioning! 

You carry your home’s energy everywhere you go. So, to kill stress, you must purge your home of all the negativity. You must read the following points if you want to de-stress your home and make it a positive and happy place to live! 

1) Redesign your Entrance:

Entrance is the face of your home and it reflects the energy of your home. If your frustration meets peace when you enter your home, it carries a positive energy that shuns the negative one. However, if you find your rage all fueled up upon entering your home, you must immediately do something about it. First of all, you must have a neat and tidy entrance. A clean place looks pleasing even if it is not decorated. You may also place your favorite thing on entrance like your favorite flowers or painting or lights. Everyone likes coming home to what they adore! So, make your entrance appealing and welcoming.  

2) Eliminate Furniture

A home looks better when it’s not like a store room! Don’t make your home congested by stuffing all the extra furniture you’ve got. Instead store it in a store room or resell it. A congested, claustrophobic environment kicks in negativity and leaves no room for peace, which builds up tension and stress. Creating space in your home will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

3) Light Up

Light is the rawest source of positive energy. People meditate for years only to see the eternal light. Highlighting specific places in your home with lights creates a soothing impact and also improves concentration. Use beautiful candles to light up your home and add some serenity to the environment around you. Scented candles would even be better because it won’t only be soothing to eyes but also to your nose and the whole idea of de stressing is linked with soothing your senses. You ought to bring in the light to cut the darkness of negativity.

4) Give up Loud Colors

Say no to loud, bright colors in your home. Prefer cool, light and pleasant colors. They will help to minimize the temperature. Hence, aid in making you feel relaxed and calm. With space, light and cool colors you will feel fresh and airy from within and become a different, easy going person.

5) Go Clean

Do not clean your house only superficially, but also wipe off the dust even from the darkest corners of your home. Dust traps negativity and it doesn’t make sense to have a well decorated house with dust beneath the costly carpets! Make your home filth free and throw the negativity away along with litter!

Follow these tips to make your home a better place full of life and light. Leave your home with the good energy and bring it back after spreading it to the world! Stay positive and Live, literally!