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Online Listing Tips for Real Estate Agents


  • Many customers make decisions to buy something simply on the basis of advertisement

  • The long term benefits of being listed on a good portal instead of cribbing over the price to be paid

Marketing Wednesday, 10th May 2017   Editor: Twinkle Saini

An effective advertisement is the key to success of any business. Ads give a competitive edge to companies by highlighting their unique selling point. Many customers make decisions to buy something simply on the basis of advertisement it shows and large companies are spending millions from their advertising budget to enhance the way they are displayed. Everyone and everything can be advertised these days. You can even advertise yourself! Your resume is your advertisement based on which you get hired! Advertisement is integral in any profession because the more it will reach out to people, the more success it will bring. 

Now, with Real Estate Sector set on the path of progress, also needs advertisement. It is still not a completely developed sector, therefore, there is a lot to be done to percolate the real estate business into the lives of people.

Buyers and sellers are everywhere but as far as property transactions  are concerned, it is something that should not be done without proper meeting. Since, internet has brought the world so close, real estate agents could wash their hands in the flow of internet’s benefits and use internet as a medium of connecting with their future clients. Majority of real estate agents are already doing that by posting an ad of their property online. However, they can improve the impact of their listings by giving attention to a few points mentioned below!

1.    The Best Online Portal
There are numerous online portals that will list your property. You have to make sure that you are choosing the best one. Online portals may first, need you to get registered and may also charge you for listing your properties. Magic Bricks and 99 acres are amongst top online portal and it requires you to register and become a member before you can list your property. They do not charge for your first listing. However, they will charge for subsequent ratings. They also have different plans that you need to pay for to make your listing a premium one. I would suggest that your selection of portal should not be based on charges, rather, it must be based on the genuine traffic the portal is able to attract because that’s what you want to promote your property. Other popular portals for listing are Common floor, India Property, Housing, etc.


2.     Picture
The picture you post plays the most important role in attracting online visitors and prompting them to open your ad. Do not compromise with the quality of picture you upload. Take your time to capture your property at its best, use a good camera and make sure you have a clear and attractive picture to upload. Picture is the first thing majority of the people look at and judge your offer according to it because the first impression strongly affects their mind. Just one perfect shot is not enough. You must upload at least 5-6 brilliant pictures showing different parts of your property. This will make the viewer feel satisfied and clear their confusion regarding making a purchase. 


3.    Catchy Words
Since, you don’t get to talk to your customers in person and limited words are all you have to convince them to opt for your property, it is crucial to make the most of that limit. Share the best feature of your property and mention how the reader will feel when he will experience that feature. Some dealer don’t mention the price so that they get the customer to at least call them and then they convince customers over the phone, bargain over the price and arrive at a mutual amount and above all, get to connect to them in person, which is very important. However, if you know that you are offering the best price or a better price as compared to others, you must definitely mention the price because as soon as the customer will realize that you are offering the best price, he will surely contact you.


4.    Be Honest
Don’t give a false image of your property to customers. Sooner or later, they will find out the truth which will only turn down the deal. Be honest to your clients and business. Maintain transparency in mentioning details. It might turn out in your favor instead of firing back at you because customers are smart and they can identify who is genuine and who is not. So, it is better to be honest than to be caught by the customer. This will not only get you the deal but also spread a good word of mouth.

If you are a real estate agent, you are just some research and smartness away from cracking a deal online. Look for the long term benefits of being listed on a good portal instead of cribbing over the price to be paid. Be patient enough to wait for the customer and to see your business becoming great.