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Sample Flat - A Trick by a Builder?
Marketing Monday, 15th August 2016

People usually complain that real estate buyers cheated them by providing wrong house different from the one which is shown as the sample flat. Every year, many people are trapped in this scheme and purchase an undesired dream home. When one plans to buy a new house, he tries to look all the facilities and amenities in his dream home. So, it is important to loom out for all the aspect before finalizing any flat for you from the builder. When one decide to visit the site area, the builder shows the sample flat to him. Usually, everyone likes the sample flat due to its elegant and mesmerizing inner space. Sample flat are different from purchasing flats. 
Why people get trapped?
When one decides to buy a new house, he has some emotional attachments with his dream. In this budget competitive society, one looks for a house that has status and amenities. Builders manipulate the minds of people and aspire them to buy what they show. Every man wants to buy a house which is capacious and has premium living conditions, this fact is known to the builders. The builders show the sample flat that lures the buyer towards house. 
Following are some tricks that can help you to keep away from frauds:

1.Trick 1- Sample Flats are built to look Capacious
Having a large space area in the home is everyone’s need. When there are 5 to 6 members in the home, people prefer large homes. More the family members more will be the belongings to settle the house. To look the home clean and settled, one needs large space in the home. The following tips can help you:
•Bathrooms and toilets are constructed without doors while some of the walls are parted with glass that makes them look large and spacious. One should not forget this illusion of space.
•The sample flat does not have any door in the rooms that create an illusion of large area.
•Sample flats have a high roof that creates an optical illusion to the viewer.
•Sample flats are designed by interior designers. They prefer lighting that creates a fake illusion of space.
•Sample flats are integrated with small furniture as compared to purchasing flats. Room and kitchens appear large.
•The sample flats are set in such a way that furniture remains in the sideways that provide a large area in the centre.
•Sample flats have thin walls as compared to purchasing flats. These walls are constructed with gypsum board. 

2.Trick 2- Sample Flats provide the feeling of Luxury
Sample flats are stuffed with premium luxuries. Following tips can help you a lot:
•Sample flats are integrated with furnishing and fixtures that are of supreme quality.
•Floor tiles fitted in sample flats are of high-quality 
•They choose a location that offers great outdoor view to the buyer. They are integrated with balcony, fountains, and green potted plants. 
•Sample flats have expensive furniture and painted with high-quality colours.
So,one should keep the above points in mind before choosing any flat after seeing the sample flat from a builder.