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What is builder floor and multi-storey apartment?


  • What is builder floor and multi-storey apartment?

  • Difference in specifications.

Comparison Tuesday, 1st March 2016

Builder Floor:

A builder floor is the name given to the independent floor, usually in the low-rise buildings. The builder floor may or may not have the common amenities. You can also say that it is one of the sections in a villa. These types of apartments are usually built on the smaller land plots. These land plots are built by the local builders in the residential colonies. With builder floor you get more independence but they are also a little more expensive than the multi-storey apartments.

Multi-storey Apartment:

A multi-storey apartment is a residential unit in the building which is multi-storeyed. They are usually the part of the group housing projects which have been built either by the private builders or the government development authorities. A building is termed as multi-storey if it has 4 or more floors. It can have as many floors as regulated by the government authorities. The multi-storey apartments are known to be safer and have more amenities than the builder floors.

The Primary Differences between the Two

Space: A builder floor could be more spacious than the multi-storey apartments. Usually, the builder floor is based on the bespoke designs and does not have to match the designs of the other apartments. Multi-storey apartments usually offer lesser space. However, they may have more open space than the builder floor.

Amenities: Usually, the apartment floors offer more amenities than the builder floors. The amenities are deployed based on the general requirement of a number of home dwellers. They may have gym, clubs, swimming pool, playing area for kids, and more. The amenities in the builder floor are decided by the buyer and thus they also have to pay for it.

Privacy:  A builder floor definitely has more privacy and independence to offer. There are only 3 to 4 housing units in the builder floor and each floor is only for one family. Multi-storey apartments offer less privacy as there may be more than one unit on each floor and it also has more number of floors.

Pricing: The builder floor in the same locality as the multi-storey apartment will usually cost higher. This is because it costs more to the builder to build fewer floors as compared to that of multiple floors of a multi-storey building. Multi-storey apartments cost lesser because the builder constructs many floors and the price is shared by the buyers. However, a lot of times you may not notice any significant difference.

Maintenance:  In a builder floor, you do not need to pay the monthly charges as maintenance fee. The floor is owned by you and you need to maintain it on your own. However, if you want any particular amenities, you can get the consent of the other residents in the same building and share the costs. On the other hand, in multi-storey apartments, the maintenance is done by the builder and thus you need to pay the regular maintenance fee. You also have easy access to the plumbing, gardening, and electricity services