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Home Search Guide for Nuclear Families
General Wednesday, 4th January 2017

There are different kinds of families our society holds since decades. Nuclear Family is one such Western concept that has been warmly welcomed in India and the trend is just parachuting. The members of such families include two parents and their children. Everyone these days, believe in independence and self-sufficiency because of which they want to live away from their parents, all on their own. Due to the very different nature of nuclear families from traditional ones, nuclear families need a different house from traditional ones! Most of our generation is newly settled or is about to settle and would be having families of their own, nuclear families of their own, to be more precise! Find all what you must consider while your hunt for home, in this article.

  • Location

Since you are the head of your small family, you can select a location that best suits your interest. People now days would prefer city heart over outskirts as their location because of rising social needs. Selecting a location that is close to friends, workplace, supermarket and malls would be appropriate for a nuclear family.


  • Size

Considering the potential size of nuclear family, I don’t think a huge house/villa is what they need. It would be better for them to have a rather small house or apartment that they can look after conveniently and where they can live comfortably. This will save them money not only initially, at the time of purchase, but also throughout their lives in that house, owing to low maintenance costs.

  • Space

It is very important to take care of how the space has been utilized in the house, before you buy it. A smaller house with a larger garden or parking area would be preferable. One floor should be enough for nuclear families.


  • Kids Special

Since there won’t be elders at home to look after your kids while you are away or at work, having a kinder garden or a crèche close to your home would be favorable. Also, the house must be fully secured for the protection of children. See that there are no unnecessary stairs around the house so that your children can play safely without tripping every now and then. It would be better to have the kid’s room close to yours so that you can easily keep a check on naughty toddlers.


  • Extra-Curricular Activities

Most nuclear families are health conscious and want to stay fit for as long as they can. To achieve this purpose, there should be a gym close to your house along with parks and playgrounds where the entire family can walk, play and enjoy simultaneously.


  • Proximity with your parents

Although you love your freedom and independence which is why you chose to live alone, you will always need your parents and other relatives at odd and happy times. Don’t wander too far from them in search of a perfect home for your family. Instead, stay somewhere close to them so that you can easily be available to them when they need you and vice versa. After all, the concept of nuclear families can never detach us from our parents!


If you have already decided to have a nuclear family, don’t abruptly rush to a place far off. Instead, use your freedom wisely and plan everything smartly!