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What is the right color for your home?


  • How to choose right color?

  • Choosing different thing according to need.

Interior Designing Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Painting is the best way to give your home a fresh look but often we get confused while choosing the right shade is crucial to get the best look. Here is an expert guide on choosing the right color for your home.

What sheen you should choose?

The glossy sheen you choose, the easier it gets to clean up the surface. If you have kids at your home or your room hosts a lot of guests and traffic then you must opt for high sheen walls as they can be easily cleaned with a sponge without any damage. However, sheen walls are not good for your living rooms as they tend to give imperfect gloss if not chosen perfectly. 
 You can opt for semi gloss finish for your baths, kitchen or playroom area as they provide ease of washing and are less shiny than the glossy finish. Additionally they are cheaper than sheer sheen finish and are often the best alternative. 

If you want subtle and soothing look:
If you want a soothing look for your room then a monochromatic approach can be a good choice. Blue shades are the best and most soothing ones. Moreover, they also land your bedroom and bathroom a calm and peaceful feeling. Choose your favorite color and then you can overlap the shades. For instance, you choose a dark colored wall and then pain the other in same scheme but with a lighter shade for the trim. Another popular way to give a dramatic look is to choose the basecoat of lighter shade and then applying a faux paint with darker overlays.

Get the elegant look:
Neutral colors might sound boring but they offer flexibility and elegance to your room. Neutral colors, unlike as perception, are not simply beige or white but more. You can transform your living room into some elegant living space. Choose various shades of neutral tones and pair them with colorful décor in the room. Don’t be afraid of texture and accessories as neutrals are the best platform for remarkable decorations. You can choose neutral base and get them painted with splash colors over it or textured walls. One thing to note is that the lighter color you choose, the more spacious your room will look.

The vibrant look:
If you are quirky and love the quirky looks then choose vibrant colors like green, oranges, dark purples, gold or red! You can use these colors as complementary to each other by applying them next to each other. You can try pairing gold and orange, or purple and blue side by side. Another trendy pair is black and red which stands out as a beautiful contrast and brings a reminiscent oriental look. Visual contrasts are a big hit for youngster’s rooms and will transform the way you have been looking at your room.

If you are looking to sell your home and get it colored then choose white or off-white as it will help the buyer to get it coated with their preferred colors.