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7 Ways Houseplants take care of You!
Interior Designing Tuesday, 18th October 2016


It’s no mystery that house plants are great articles for home décor. But, above all, they are your best friends for all the good things they do to you. They take care of everything from your health to happiness! Let’s know a little more about the great benefits of having house plants around you!

    1.   They Transpire for you!

Just as we breathe and out and call it respiration, plants, being living organisms, breathe too and it’s called transpiration. However, plants slightly differ from us in a way that they breathe out oxygen! House plants feed you extra oxygen while you are sitting in a house amidst the toxin laden air! This way, they let you breathe a little fresher, feel a little better and live a little more!

    2.   They keep low the heat

Since, these green organisms give up water through their leaves when it’s too hot to handle, the temperatures around the area fall a little and make it a better place to chill out in summers.

3.  They de-stress You!

It has been scientifically proven that presence of plants around you lower the stress level. This could be related to human psychology making them believe that they are healthier when plants are around but, the point is that they help kill stress!

4.   They Cure You!

Medicinal plants like Bael, Tulsi, Peppermint, Henna, Neem, Cinnamon, Lavender and Marigold have been used in curing diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, coughs, colds, bronchitis, epilepsy, etc., since ages! And the list doesn’t end here. Problems as serious as cardiac and pulmonary disorders can also be treated using these plants. You just need to start believing in Ayurveda and get free medicines home!

 5.   They can improve your grades!

Green plants are known to boost your concentration which is a key to success. Not only grades, they can also improve your performance at work and improve the overall health of your mind. The reason people meditate around plants is that they help you concentrate! Should you find yourself stuck with your performance, try to shop for some home plants.

 6.  They Eat Noise!

Well, plants are capable of absorbing sound! Seems like they are super humans, but it’s true that somehow, the leaves, stems, branches, wood etc. absorb sound because of their surface area. This reduces the noise levels and helps you stay calm and composed

7.  They make you Happy!

What else do you really need to be happy apart from a sound body, a peaceful mind, calm atmosphere and a beautiful house!? All the essentials of happy life can be derived from plants. They increase your overall happiness, keep you positive and make you productive.

It has been proved that plants are the best things you can keep in your house. They are the purest form of nature and there’s no way nature is bad for you. When you bring home plants next time, just remember that they are not things, they are life and life is what they give! Keep it Green!

Harsh chaudhary
Nice ideas
Jul 16, 2016