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Home decor tips that Enhance beauty of Your Home
General Saturday, 27th August 2016

When we step in any home, the first thing that lures is the décor and maintenance of that place. They are not only interior designers who enhance the beauty of their home with decors and beautiful vases, many women also love to keep their house clean, decorated and tidy all the time. Interior designers don’t follow any secret book to make a home classy and beautiful. So, ladies you can also explore some creative ideas and embellish your home walls with the same.

It is said that “A home reflects the reality of a woman”. This saying holds true as she modifies things according to her ideas, dreams and imagination. If you are also décor lover, then following home décor tips can help you:

1.    Pleasant Colors

“The fewer colors used in a room, the more pleasing and restful the result will be”- by Edith Wharton.

The texture of any color affects our mind and soul, so try to keep the room walls color light and mild. Choose light blue and white paint for your living room, it pleases the brain and makes you feel happy all the time. You can also add beautifully carved furniture to the living area.

2.    Make proper use of table

“The fondest memories are gathered around the table”

Keep your table busy with old photographs, you can place multiple frames holding pictures of all the members of your home. Place small pictures at single place as it minimize the cluttering appearance. It will pump up the site appearance and look elegant. Try to decorate them in proportion.

3.    Make Use of Carpet

“Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet and the rest will fall intoplace”

Layering adds dimension, texture and color to the place. Not only this, carpet offer you warm and calm feeling and add the pinch of class to the floor. Low pile tightly woven carpets, zebra print, and cotton flat types are considered best for home decors.

4.    Canvas Magic

“Words on the canvas can motivate you every day”

Decorate your home with huge canvas by hanging them on the walls, you can dangle them on a plain wall on any portion of your home. It will work well in the dining room and guest room too. It is a great way to brighten the latex walls.

5.    Vases

“A pair of vase can give a decorative effect to your home”

Opt for large top vases and place them in pairs. Select curvy urns rather than circular or rectangular. If you want to choose bold tones then, muddy colors are the best option while, for fireplaces simple designs are best.

6.    Hang plates on the wall

“Hang plates and feel the unexpected decoration effect”

One can hang different colored plates on the walls to enhance the look of his living place. Varied colors, textures, size and designs can be selected for the walls. You can attach them with plate hangers or decorate them with different designs.

The above tips can help you in adding life to your home without digging deep in your pocket. Try them and embellish your home.