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How to be successful in business as an introvert


  • Avoid fighting your nature.

  • Accentuate your positives.

  • Create a work environment conducive to your nature, if possible.

General Saturday, 1st April 2017   Editor: Ananya Gupta

What does it mean to be an introvert—a quiet, thoughtful, unflashy professional— in today’s business world? 

Introverts are faced with multiple challenges at workplace. They regularly undersell themselves because of their low-key personalities, hesitation in speaking their mind out, lack of social atmosphere. Hence they feel ignored and marginalized.

 Good thing is that introversion can be managed. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. They can use their introversion to their benefit. They think first,  talk later unlike the extroverts which can help them take better decisions. Introverts seek depth over breath.

Here are some ways which may help introverts to succeed in business-

1. Prepare well

  Prepare well for upcoming meetings and conversations by anticipating possible questions and solutions to the same. You need to analyze each situation and plan accordingly, strategize for projects and tasks.

2.Good communication

Introverts often remain out of sight and out of mind. It is essential for you to take the initiative for sharing information to the senior members, colleagues, project stakeholders. Find out what information people need to feel confident about your performance and provide it to them beforehand.

3. Work on your body language(non-verbal communication)

A straight posture, eye contact and a smile are signs of confidence which introverts usually avoid. Non-verbal communication, in the form of posture and gestures, constitutes the largest part of how others perceive of us. Remember thatslouching won’t make us invisible—it will only make us look insecure.

4. Use social networking to set the stage

Technology proves as a great tool for introverts. Make use of various social networking Web sites like Facebook and Twitter to set the stage before major events or meetings in person. Also try to make more friends and get noticed. If you lack enough conversation, try asking them about themselves- this strategy is always a winner.

5. Get heard

Try to speak in meetings and put forward your ideas. Avoid speaking too fast or stammering; concentrate on your voice modulation. Try to express your communication in writing.Although you should speak publicly from time to time, your strength lies in your ability to communicate your thoughts with the written word.

6. Collaborate with others

As an introvert, you may not be a good speaker but you may become a good listener and absorb the relevant points of others. Use that skill to come up with the best course of action based on what you've heard.

7. Build a reputation based on your qualities

A good reputation based on your skills is a great way to avoid getting overlooked at your workplace. As an introvert, you are a listener. Listen to your colleagues well, hence being more approachable. 

As an introvert, you need to learn to adapt to different circumstances. You need to be self-confident in order to succeed at work. Learning new skills and behaviors may be uncomfortable at first, but with conscious repetition and refinement, you can manage your introversion—and thrive in the extroverted business world.