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 Inbound and outbound calling
General Wednesday, 8th March 2017

Inbound Calling- Call centre agents in this type of services receive telephonic calls from customers and other clients for solving their problems and any queries, if they have. In simplified words, inbound calling is an incoming call from customer that has a problem and is expecting it to be solved by representatives of company. Inbound calling offers a large a wide range of customer-focused services that helps businesses in offering instant, immaculate and efficient solutions related to their queries, issues and grievances, if any. Following are some inbound calling services.


1. Query handling services

2. Information request services

3. Customer services

4. Sales lead qualification and closure services

5. Technical troubleshooting services

6. Services related to order booking

7. Help desk services for customers

8. Scheduling services for appointments


Outbound calling-  Outbound calling is completely opposite of inbound calling, in outbound calling, agents of this service approach customers, consumers, prospects or leads for promotion of business or marketing of any product. In simplified words, outbound calling is initiated by call centers and the purpose of call centre agents in this service is for marketing and promotion of any product. The focus is upon enhancing revenues of businesses, as most outbound calls are made to promote varied business offerings. Following are the services offered by outbound calling.


1. Services related to product sales

2. Customer support services

3. Services related to lead generation

4. Services for setting appointment

5. Surveys related to satisfaction of customer

6. Launch of any new product

7. Services related to order fulfillment

8. Verification of 3rd party services