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Document of Title

Document of Title

The earlier original documents, records, order of Court or Government or a statutory authority by which the right to a particular immovable property is vested with the first owner.

The subsequent documents, records or orders of the type mentioned above, duly recording in a chronological unbroken sequence of the legal acts, events, identifying and tracing the title in the hands of the various intermediate owners till the last owners, i.e. the transferor.

All other papers including

1. Tax paid from time to time

2. The khatha certificate

3. Sanctioned and approved plans

4. The records off entries in various concerned statutory authorities

The encumbrance certificate obtained from the concerned registration authorities covering the entire period from the date on which the first owner acquired the property till the date on which 1st owner conveys the property to the transferee duly registering the same before the competent registration authorities.

Even when encumbrance certificate are available for the entire period, up to date, certain matters and transactions mention below may not have been recorded therein.

1. Tenancy Right not formally recorded in registered documents.

2. Disputes in the Court of Law and orders of the attachment, if any passed.

3. Arrears of taxes, levies , etc., relating to property and under the laws relating to direct and indirect taxes and the dues in respect of statuary obligations like Provident funds, Employees State Insurance, Gratuity, Profession Tax etc. and order of attachments, if any, passes by any of the aforesaid authorities.

4. Mortgage by default of title deeds on the property, not registered.

5. Prior agreement entered into with third parties to sell or transfer any or all the rights in the property, not disclosed to the transferee.

6. Oral partition of Immovable property between family members

7. Oral gift of an immovable property made by person governed by Mohammenden Law

8. An unregistered will

9. All other legally valid claims or rights of third parties not reflected in any formal document or record.