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The Model Shop and Establishment Bill, 2016

The Union Cabinet clears the Model shops and Establishment (regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, 2016 which is aimed at generating jobs and make 24/7 shop pin & entertainment a reality. The Model bill gives the state’s power to liberate it to their requirement.

The salient features of the Bill are:

  1. This bill will only hold good in institutes employing 10 or more workers except for industrial manufacturing units.
  2. It gives the establishment a freedom to work 365 days in a year and choose opening/closing time of their institute.
  3. Women can be allowed to work during night only if proper shelter, ladies rest room, decent protection of their dignity, etc is provided.
  4. There shall be no discrimination against women in the aspect of training, transfer, promotion and recruitment.
  5. There is one common registration online which involve easy procedures.
  6. Clean and safe drinking water should be provided to the employees.
  7. It gives the Government power to make rules and regulation regarding measures to be up hold for safety and health of the employees by the employer.
  8. Basic necessities in office space like lavatory, first aid, canteen and crèche are provided by a group of establishment.
  9. They are bound to have 5 paid festival leaves in addition to national holidays.
  10. There is an exemption for skilled worker (like workers employed in Biotechnology, IT,etc) from 9 hours of daily work and weekly working hours of 48 hour. Also they are subjected to a maximum 125 over-time hours in a quarter of a year.

The bill shall bring levelness in the governance provision by making sure every state follows it for generating employment and improving working conditions for workers. This positive move will result in development in organized retails, e-commerce, etc.

The Bill is even seen bring out level playing ground for offline and online retailers. Also the Bill’s mighty innovation is the poaching of licensing bureaucracy and henceforth corruption. All in all the retail sector shall benefit from this model by larger footfall and consumption bringing about a magnanimous impact for logistics and warehousing sections.