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Eight Tips to Select the Suitable Floor Plan

Floor Plan plays a major role when purchasing a residential space. It is basically a 2D sketch of your home which gives you an idea of how it would look like once it’s complete. It becomes a pre requisite to select the best floor plan to get the best house. Selecting the perfect floor plan is not an easy task and can be confusing. Therefore, I am about to give you certain tips that would ease the selection process for you.

1.    Size
It is the first thing you should consider before buying the property. The size of the house should go in sink with the size of your family and also your preferences. While some people love a small beautiful home, others prefer a huge, spacious and lavish house. Be clear of which one you are and look at the size first as soon as you get your floor plan.


2.    Entrance
Choose the floor plan that puts your entrance in the desired direction. Many people prefer it to be east. Since this is a matter concerning vastu, do not compromise with it. Decide where you want to enter your home from and look for the same in your floor plan.

3.    Specifications
You might want your house either to be narrower in the front and broader at the back or vice versa. Floor plan will show you a clear picture of these specifications. You can select or discard your floor plan accordingly.


4.    Understand the Floor Plan
Since you are not an architect, you may not completely understand the floor plan. The advice is to not to ignore what you don’t understand. Consult a professional, if required so that he could help you understanding all the symbols and nomenclatures of the floor plan. Make your decision only after you have completely understood the floor plan.


5.    Anticipate the cost of architectural designs
The designs that look alluring in a 2D drawing, may make you shed out extra money from your pocket after construction. Details like expansive floor to ceiling windows may make you appreciate the floor plan but you should be able to forecast the additional cost such fancy details would incur, against the normal, simple design.


6.    Location
Give extra attention to the locations of different rooms in your house. Make sure that the kitchen is away from every bathroom. Check if the master bedroom and children’s room is at the desired places. See the arrangement of living room and dining room in the drawing. Be sure of these things beforehand because you might have plans about your house that might not coincide with the wrong locations of the rooms.


7.    Safety
Make sure that the stylish design also ensures safety, especially if you have children. Stairs without railings, glass shower enclosures, and edgy walls may look trendy and fashionable but such features are definitely not safe for a home with children.


8.    Final Visit 
After selecting the floor plan, you must visit the actual model of the house along with your entire family. After all it’s not going to be just your house and the opinion of the family matters. Everyone should like the house before you can finally decide to spend rest of your life there.

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