Vastu in Real Estate

Vastu in Real Estate

Old is Gold is a common saying and the latest example of it is revival of Vastu in real estate. The traditional science has lately gained popularity in modern society. As more and more people are getting inclined towards this traditional knowledge, all the real estate companies have embraced the art of Vastu while constructing residential or commercial hubs. VastuShastra is synchronization between human being and all the five elements i.e. air, earth, water, fire and sky. Nowadays all the constructions work whether it it is residential or commercial are VastuShastra centric with a prime motive to gain prosperity from all the mentioned elements. The Vastu science also plays a key role in sale and purchase.

Why is Vastu Important?

The inevitable truth about Vastu is that it helps in reducing issues pertaining to wealth, prosperity and health of the occupants residing and that too by tweaking the directions and slightly changing the interiors and exterior of the building or apartment. Vastu experts do believe in the fact that the direction of the building should be planned as per the rotation of the planets. Vaastu helps to diminish the problems of the occupants that relates to wealth, health, prosperity and happiness just by making a slight changes to your interior or exterior building configurations. The direction in VastuShastra refers to East, West, North, South, North East, North West, South East and South West. The next question that comes to mind is why these directions play such an important role ; as per Hindu Mythology , each direction is governed by God and if  any property is purchased considering these directions then it will result in growth and prosperity. To quote a few, East is believed to be governed by Lord Indra (wealth and all pleasures of life), West is governed by God of Rain, North by Lord Kuber(wealth and comfort) and South by Yamraj (God of Death). These directions also play an important role while selecting a plot or land.

Although expert views are required while deciding the Vastu of house or building but here are some tips that you can keep in your mind while selecting or buying a real estate property:

  1. The shape of the plot or land should be regular; it can be a square or rectangular. Avoid buying an irregularly shaped plot.
  2. If you are planning to buy a constructed building or house, it is good to buy the house or building that is in the center. If the plot is rectangular in shape the structure should be near South, South West and West direction
  3. Avoid big trees, pillars posts or any big obstruction in front of the plot.

Here is a Vastu Checklist that needs to be handy with you while purchasing or renting:-

  • While buying commercial land or property, yellow colored soil is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid buying irregular or rocky land.
  • If you are buying a commercial land then it is better to have narrow main gate and wider end.
  • Avoid buying property that is north or east facing.
  • Buy a plot where South and West part are higher than North or East part
  • The South East and South West corners must be at right angle or 90 degree if you are buying a non- rectangular plot.

These minor tips will help you save on your worries and will bring peace and prosperity for the rest of your life.